There are three definitively safe ways to defrost food, remembering that when food gets defrosted the bacteria in it start multiplying and therefore it is imperative that food is never thawed on a counter nor left at room temperature for more than two hours. Here are the three ways to ensure safe defrosting.

It is possible to defrost food in the refrigerator, it will take longer to defrost however it is a very safe option not to mention that food thawed in this method can be refrozen, however it will lose taste quality and texture (this is still not recommended with a meat such as chicken). Another method of defrosting is by using cold water, it is a lot faster than leaving food in the refrigerator to defrost, however it does require more attention than the fridge method. It is highly recommended to use a bag when defrosting the food you must use a plastic bag or a Ziploc bag to make sure no bacteria touches the food. Once this food has defrosted it must be cooked immediately and only once it has been cooked it then can be frozen again if required. Did you know that it is possible to cook food without thawing it? It is safe to do so, however it will take fifty percent longer than if it is fresh or defrosted. Finally it is possible to defrost using the microwave, the food needs to be cooked immediately after thawing and this food needs to be frozen only once after being cooked.

Defrosting food can be safe as long as it is watched or done in the recommended manners. Never defrost your food outside in the sun or in hot water as this is a breeding place for germs and other bacteria’s which are harmful when digested.

Headwears have been used by mankind since the immemorial time as they offered protection from any type of injury such as falling rocks, from weapons or from masonry. Soon wearing hats became a status symbol for authority. They were used on a regular basis as uniforms and also in various other art forms.

In terms of fashion, hats are considered as a “noticeable accessory”. It grabs people’s attention because at first instance, people look at each other’s faces. There is an old saying “want to get ahead and get noticed, then get a hat”. In this saying ‘get ahead’ means one head forward. It is one of the most noticeable and trendy accessory for anyone to carry. Loss of heat in the body is usually from the head. Hence, in winters hats are considered as an important source to cover the head to prevent heat loss. Small babies and toddlers particularly loose heat rapidly through their head. In winters a hat or a head covering acts as a layer to prevent excessive loss of heat from their body.


Earlier hat-makers were called as shapelier. The term shapelier has been replaced by “Modiste” which is a new term used for hat makers. Technically a hat-maker makes men’s hats and a milliner makes ladies hats. Even today, Britishers have carried forward the trend of wearing hats, mainly in their official events like ball or weddings and carry it very gracefully. Feather hats, bow hats and other customized design hats are commonly used.

Fashionable hats grab quick attention. It creates viewers first impression as the choice of the hat defines a person’s taste in fashion. A hat that best fits the head and suits the face shape should be opted. It indeed requires a lot of confidence to carry it around. At times hats get a bit tricky especially when it comes to shy women as it gives them constant jitters that will the hat suit their look? Best solution for that problem is to opt for a black hat. A black hat suits every outfit and every style.